Emmy has this book called "Moose and Mouse." I think Asian Grandma bought it for a dollar at Target. The gist of the story: what one likes, the other does not. Example--when sleeping, one likes less light, the other likes more.

Emmy and her cousin Jason are like Moose and Mouse. Worked great when Emmy hosted Jason for a sleepover, for "TWO WHOLE DAYS" as he kept saying a couple weekends ago when he and his dad came for a visit (and I went into fake labor.) 

Turns out, Jason sleeps with the door open, and he likes a nightlight. Emmy is used to sleeping in a sealed vault, without any light.

So for the first 20 minutes, we took turns telling one of them to either go back into her bed, or his sleeping bag on the ground. One had to pee. The other had to see what was going on in the bathroom. One had a question. The other had a question about the question. A vicious cycle. The Good Doctor gave them a 5% chance of actually falling asleep in the same room.

At least Jason knew how to use his nighttime whispering voice. Emmy would just talk to him in her daytime regular speaking voice.

After they stopped getting up every 30 seconds to go to the door, we spent the next 30 minutes watching scenes like this play out on the monitor:

Emmy:  "Jason. Jason! Are you awake?"

Jason: "Yes."

Emmy:  "Jason. Jason! Can you open the door?"

Jason: (After he'd opened the door 20 times already and was tired of getting back up) "I can't. My dad said I can't open the door."

But eventually, against all odds, they did end up falling asleep. And then crazy Aunt Vicky just HAD to go in and snap a flash photo, risking EVERYTHING, for proof that they really did have a sleepover. It was totally worth it. Those fools were dead to the world after all that rigamarole. 

Sleepover ended at about 2AM when Jason woke up and decided sleeping on the floor blows compared to sleeping on a comfy bed with dad.