Memo to Dessy: 1 Month

If this is any indication of what it's like to be a second child, I apologize now and for the rest of your life, Dessy. Here we are, a month after your birth, and I haven't even sent out your birth announcement yet. What's more, my memo documenting all the moments of your first 30 days of life is late. But how's this for a moment: you peed on your dad right before we took this photo for your announcement card. Which is why we put the diaper back on. It's all about cropped photos.

But unlike your sister, you didn't poop twice on your dad, and you were a super model for the whole shoot. Eyes wide open, happy for tons of poses, a good sport throughout the morning. Total Baby Klum. Now if I could only get my act together and go through the images to help your Uncle Kiet put together the actual card. 

At your one month check up, you weighed in at 9 pounds 7.5 ounces, putting you squarely in the 57th percentile among babies your age. Tiger Mom says, "Why not 100%?!" Just kidding. Plenty of time for that later. Your head is in the 61st percentile and your length is 75th percentile. 

We call you "Eh" because that's the sound you make most often. As in "Eh, eh, EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I don't remember Emmy crying or complaining this much but your doctor says that's nature's way of assuring the human race survives. We don't remember the bad stuff because we'd all have just one kid and this blob wouldn't exist because humans would have died off centuries ago.

Evenings are grumpy time but you are an otherwise pretty happy go lucky baby. Or maybe we are just less uptight when you start Ehhhhhing. You definitely have different cries for when you're hungry or tired or want to be held in another way or you've pooped it up big time in your diaper. Asian Grandma is the most fluent in Ehhhnese so far. She also holds you 85% more than anyone else in the house.

Pacifiers are not really your thing unless we really try hard. Even then you'll only take one for a few minutes to settle down. You are definitely not the Suckinator Emmy was. My boobs thank you. And you go into the cutest milk comas after every feeding. Like Homer Simpson after a beer binge.

You're a champ at tummy time. You have a strong neck and when you crane up to look at things, it's nice to see you aren't making breast milk cheese in your neck folds like your sister used to do. You prefer to keep the cheese in your armpits. Non-parents: I'm referring to the white mushy substance that consists of dead skin cells that slough off the newborn's skin, mixed with the milk they drink that drips into their crevices when they spit up or drool. I call it Newborn Cheese. It comes in mild, medium, and my favorite, extra sharp. It's very difficult to scrub away in the beginning because giving a newborn a bath continues to rank in the top 10 Most Terrifying Things To Do after plucking your own nose hairs. But you look adorbs after a bath. We could use some baby Frizz-Ease for your male pattern baldness 'fro. 

This first month has just flown by. I feel like I haven't taken enough pictures or video of you because now we don't have the luxury of just staring at you all day and "sleeping when the baby sleeps." Because there's this other little one that's wide, wide awake, and ready to "play all day!!!"

She's a great big sister though. Happy to get you a diaper or wipe and give you a kiss when we ask her to. She likes to say, "Maybe it's her diaper!" when you are Ehhhing. 

I can't tell you exactly how much I love you, because it's so much more than I thought I could. And it was instantaneous. I wasn't overwhelmed by all the surrealness that comes with giving birth for the first time. I was ready to meet you and love you right away without all that first-date awkwardness. I knew what was coming, at least in the sense of welcoming a baby, and it's been surprisingly simple this time around. Interrupted sleep aside, you're a pretty darn good little baby. Unlike with Emmy, I want you to stay tiny and not grow up so fast. Emmy's already such a big girl and it happened in a blink. I need time to enjoy seeing you like this, all folded up in the crook of your dad's arm.

With no pants.

We love you Odessa Ruby. You're our little gem. 

Mama and Papa