Ham and Cheese Waffles

Otherwise known as heaven on earth. I don't even like waffles that much, but this savory meets sweet syrupy buttery delightfulness is why I'm not looking forward to next week's enormous photo shoot. Thanks NBC. Every woman wants to be part of a huge photo campaign 6 weeks after giving birth. My timing is so, so awesome. 

So if you look up and see my ham and cheddar cheeks on a billboard for our new investigative unit, have mercy on the new mom who had no idea until 2 weeks ago that her station wanted to promote the bejesus out of the new team. Under normal circumstances, this would be awesome news. Job security! You can't fire me. I'm on a bus! But when you're still the size of a bus, there's really nothing to do but go for broke. And have just one more bite of ham and cheddar goodness.

I wouldn't change anything about the recipe. Just don't get carried away beating the egg whites and getting them too fluffy or the waffles will turn out a little too airy and crispy instead of chewy and crispy. And I could do without the salt because the ham is salty enough. Add a pat of butter and some thick maple syrup and this is a meal fit for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Or all of the above. Super easy to make and impressive enough to serve to your mother in law who is visiting this weekend. See you soon M!