No Internets

Hi Oh Lovely Readers of this Blob,

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Just the face of the Internets. At they suggestion of my lovely friend Kay, I'm posting via free wifi, which, as she correctly described, is "slow as molasses." But since Comcast is having massive trouble connecting us to the free world, we are reliant on our Sprint 3G network and I'm at the mercy of my smart phone's autocorrect. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my Samsung Galaxy IIS or whatever it's called. But I don't love ot when I Swype "Hope that helps" and I look down just before hitting send to see my email says, "Hope that fellatio." No no NO! Bad phone! Bad swype! 

Dessy is officially 3 weeks old. She has figured out the day/night thing and so we are no longer trying to entertain a fully awake newborn between the hours of 2 and 5AM. 

The Good Doctor heads back to work today, after 3 eventful weeks including the birth of a new family member, Emmy's first day of preschool, and did I mention we moved our entire family too? Yeah, we don't mess around. All those stressful life events? We like to cram them into short stints all at once. Last time it was moving and starting new jobs and planning a wedding. It's no fun doing things one at a time. 

Emmy is a super champ. A great big sis, awesome and patient little daughter. We are throwing a lot of newness at her and she's taking it all in stride. Her first day of school was a little teary, both for us and for her, but that deserves its own post.

Labor Part 2 is coming too, I promise. I just need a more reliable internet connection because I will have a cow if my wifi disconnects during that post. 

Comcast, if you're listening, I WORK FOR YOU. You BOUGHT NBC. Please please please send a person out to flip a switch and connect my internet, TV, and phone. You've done it for my neighbors; I know you can do it for me. If I have to wait another 5 business days, that rep from AT&T is looking quite handsome. 

In the meantime, thank you for all your kind comments about Dessy and your well wishes for our family. She is so cute and quite good during the day. Twilight makes her a little bit of a gremlin. And between her grunting (she is the noisiest newborn I've ever met), and Tofu's snoring, it sounds like Angry Birds in our bedroom every night. 

But no complaints here. Other than the whole my own employer and ginormous media conglomerate can't hook up my internet situation. # I know it's a first world problem so 'm going to shut up already