Memo to Dessy: 2 Months

Dear Dessy,

You are trucking along like a champ. Whenever someone stops to tell me how cute your little button nose is, I find myself telling them what a good baby you are. You're the happy go lucky little sister. We've figured out that the only time you really cry is when you are hungry, or about to fall asleep, or you've tipped over in your stroller and you weren't strapped in. You know, typical baby stuff.

You have progressed from the plant stage of life where you're just a being that drinks and breathes. Your crooked gummy smile can perk up a sleep deprived mommy better than a caffeinated beverage. Although one of those is required drinking every morning. At 2 months, you are still getting up twice a night. 

But for an 8 week old, you are relatively easy and settling into a routine already. We finally figured out your 8PM meltdown was your way of saying, "I'm EXHAUSTED. Put me to bed NOWWW!!!" There are fewer exclamation points in our conversations now.

You're eating well and therefore growing and pooping well. We don't have you on the potty just yet, but Tiger Grandma has you peeing pretty consistently when she makes the "shhhh ssssss" sound. You're out of newborn sized clothing but we are still packing your bum bum into the remaining newborn diapers we have because we're cheap like that. 

Everyone outside the family seems to think you look so much like your sister, and we have to agree, in photos, you two look a lot a like. But in person, we can see your noses and eyes are different, so are the shapes of your faces and the tones of your skin. And your heads. Emmy could barely lift her head and hated tummy time with a vengeance. You're like a little periscopic E.T. and we can actually clean your neck without strapping on our gear to travel to the Earth's core to scoop out cheese lava. But because you can move your lightweight head so well, your bald spot in the back is growing fiercely. 

Your grandmas and grandpas love hanging out with you. And your eyebrows. They continue to dazzle with their definition and ambidextrous arching power. Your cooing and squealing is irresistible. It's always accompanied by funny expressions and your mouth and eyes opening wide, like you're saying, "I know! Can you even believe it? Me neithers!"


We thought we were going to be in trouble with #2 because Emmy was such a good baby but now we realize we are just the World's Awesomest Luckiest Parents. You go back to sleep almost immediately after you eat at night and your milk comas during the day are super cute.

With Emmy, I couldn't wait for her to grow out of the baby stage so I could get to know her better. But with you, I'm really enjoying your little chubby cuddly goodness. You are a little sugar lump of love and dumpling cheeks.

We have no complaints little bee. Thank you for fitting right into our lives and keeping up with the pace. Babies like you are the reason people have another one. I'm not people. So I'm savoring all these moments because I won't get them again. Until you and Emmy make me a grandma. Which is a scary thought for many reasons.


Your mama and papa.