Pumping for My Fitness

For some reason breast pumping makes me think of the Fergie song where she says, "I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness. He's my witness." Not that it makes any sense. Because I'm nowhere near a gym, breast pumping has nothing to do with working out, and there really aren't any witnesses.

We are still getting settled after a whirlwind February with a new baby and new digs. But one thing that isn't new, I'm back at it with my PJ's Comfort Breast Pump. The freezer is well on its way to looking like it did last time. The big difference: we have left our small, cabinet challenged rental home behind. In the new house--we have an entire drawer just for these babies. Thanks Asian Grandma for organizing my bottles for liquid gold breastmilk. All good things come to an end and that goes for maternity leave too. We'll be thawing these out soon enough.