Picked this up at Whole Foods after a neighbor and preschool mom told me it is a must when you have a second child and the first child enters school. Because that first child becomes Patient Zero and is suddenly the vector for every horrible germy disease possible.

Sure enough, Emmy started preschool and by 7 weeks, Dessy started sounding like a snuffleupagas. Stuffy and snotty. A newborn should not have to work that hard to breathe, my poor little sleepurrito. (Combo word: sleep + burrito.)

So the trick is to put saline drops in her nostrils, tilt her back for 3 minutes, then suck the bejesus out of her nose. Apparently there are battery operated snot suckers, but nothing compares to the sweet sweet power of a determined mother's mouth. Keep your dirty jokes to yourself.

There are few things in life as satisfying as manually removing mucus from your child's nose so that she can breathe better. Again, stop it.

Bonus: somehow this thing is engineered so that the snot never gets anywhere near your mouth. It doesn't even get close to the blue sponge filter thing. So even the orally squeamish parent The Good Doctor has given it a go. Trust me, there's nothing like seeing a green blob of boogery goodness in the tip of this device, and the knowledge that you vacuumed it out yourself.

Getting it in Emmy's nose is a whole 'nother challenge. If you have suggestions on how to convince a 3 year old that the NoseFrida is her friend, please share. Bribes, logic, reasoning, begging, guilting, surprising, coaxing, commanding, and all my forms of strategery have been ineffective so far.