Web Searches That Led To vickynguyen.com

Aside from the obvi ones like "Vicky Nguyen" or "Vicky Nguyen NBC" or "Vietnamese Ninja," it always amuses The Good Doctor when I periodically check to see how people found this blob. He loves to hear me read the search terms out loud. 

And because I'm clearly not a tech person, I have no idea how to modify the dimensions of what I copied and pasted into this post. But you don't come here for programming code tips, so I think we're good.

6   fake eye www.google.com
6   banh cuon www.google.com.vn
3   chihuahua killer www.google.fr
3   vickynguyen.com www.google.com
3   vicky nguyen bloggity www.google.com
3   nice round boobs www.google.com.pk
2   www.vicky'sphotos.com www.google.com.pk
2   styrofoam quads www.google.com
2   baby girl with big cheeks www.google.ca
2   vicky nguyen search.yahoo.com
2   the best personal blog www.google.com
1   red round circles on newborns face www.google.com
1   www.raw vicky www.google.com
1   family gatherings in vietnam www.google.com
1   thuoc bac o my www.google.com
1   vicky nyguyen makeup bay area www.google.com
1   vietnamese pasta www.google.com.sg
1   "vicky nguyen" (ha) www.google.com
1   a little girl riding a pony www.google.com
1   ladybug baby cakes www.google.com
1   hooha pics www.google.com
1   vicky nguyen www.bing.com
1   baby alive complete www.google.com.ph
1   old people sleeping in the sun www.google.co.uk
1   muscle flex moves blood www.google.com
1   bloggity www.bing.com
1   vickybguyen www.google.com
1   breastfeeding photo shoot www.google.com.ar
1   vicy nguyen www.bing.com
1   vicky nguyen makeup www.bing.com
1   why does my newborn stick up her middle finger www.google.com
1   baby crazy www.google.dz
1   vietnam school life www.google.com
1   romania gymnastic school www.google.hu
1   bruce lee hair www.google.com.hk
1   pics of diarrhea in tights www.google.com
1   vickie nguyen swimsuit www.google.com
1   vicky nguyen hawaii website www.google.com
1   chocolate strawberry tofu cake www.google.com
1   lotteria vietnam www.google.com
1   cute fat babies www.google.com
1   fakd eye www.google.com
1   vicky nguyen blogh www.google.com
1   vicky nguyen funny www.google.com
1   stroller tipped over with baby strapped in www.google.com
1   vietnamese pasta www.google.co.in
1   what's the heo www.google.com
1   vicky nguyen www.google.com.sg

Some were not fit for posting, so let's leave it at that. 

But my personal favorite from this list has to be "pics of diarrhea in tights." I can only hope I turned that searcher into a loyal reader.