Sonic Egg Saves Romeo

We are now a *mostly* barkless household thanks to a slippery gray egg that emits some horrendous sound that only dogs can hear. It sends Romeo skittering away faster than you can say Yabba Dabba Doo! My life is complete. Worth every penny of the $40 we spent at PetSmart. Which, on a side note, is the most genius name for a store. It's a mart for pets but it's also being smart about your pets. Nguyening!

The only catch with this Sonic Egg is that it doesn't seem to bother the dogs when THEY bark. Only when WE bark. Yes. I have to physically hold the egg like a little lantern, say "BARK!" into it, and then Romeo immediately stops in his tracks and scampers away. Tofu runs upstairs and hides under our bed. And Coco stands down. She seems the least affected by it, but without the support of the others to stir the frenzy, she loses interest and wanders away nonchalantly like she really wasn't planning to bark that much anyway.


I will gladly greet guests at the door like a crazy homeless adult trick or treater if it means my guests will actually be able to enjoy themselves without having to undergo 5 minutes of bark immersion from 2 ankle high idiots and their knee high ringleader.

From reading the reviews on the Sonic Egg, I wonder if we got one that is under-sensitive because some reviewers say their eggs are set off by any loud noise, even coughing or sneezing. I may try to exchange ours to see if we get one that is actually triggered by the dogs.

And despite the mixed reviews on the remote controlled Sonic Egg, I'm going to give that a try too. A small handheld would be more attractive than this.

But the bottom line is, the Egg WORKS. Not the shock collar. Not the other ultrasonic brands. Not the water sprayed to the face. The Sonic Egg. Even if I have to be the one barking into it.