Emmy's 3rd Birthday: PreSchool Style

This is why people love our preschool. The teachers are amazeballs and the kids are not hair-pulling zombie tyrants. At least none that I've seen yet. Although Emmy's dad has a thing for zombies. As in, he will accidentally waste 2 hours watching a movie about zombified sheep that take over a countryside. (That was before we had children. Because if that happened now, I would ensure he took the first step toward zombiehood.)

I love how Emmy responds to "Goocha," the purple puppet. It's this little glimpse into how she thinks and acts when she's out in the wild, "all by herself" as she dramatically puts it. The part where Goocha looks into her eyes is probably my favorite. That and when she she yells "Yes!" when he asks if she's a girl.

I was hiding behind a book case shooting this video. I think if I could have a super hero power, I would choose invisibility. To be a fly on the wall in so many situations would be much better than my current hero power: causing electronic devices to freeze by simply touching them.