Emmy's Pictures

We got Emmy this camera for Christmas. We even let her open it. But then I we saw the deluge of toys she received and so I we conveniently swiped the camera and re-wrapped it gave it to her again, for her 3rd birthday. I know, I'm the classiest mom on the block. Whatevs. She's got the attention span of a hamster. Actually, that's not true. She is quite attentive and has an impressive memory. But lucky for us, she's not a materialistic hoarder so she didn't notice that the camera she received for Christmas was the same one she re-received for her jankity birthday that we haven't yet properly celebrated because we're waiting for our backyard to be transformed from an arid weedpatch into something you can serve drinks on without fear of stepping on a piece of Romeo dook hidden in 3 foot tall weeds. 

Either she didn't notice my tacky re-gifting or she's too polite to tell me I'm a terrible mom who re-gifts her gifts to her daughter. She's quite sensitive like that.

Anyway, there are few things as cute as hearing the exaggerated sound effect of a camera shutter and turning around and seeing Emmy holding up her camera and snapping a photo of something. Most often, Tofu. The chihuhua is her muse. Emmy: "I'm going to take a picture of Tofu every day!" Tofu: *FML*

Actually, Emmy is not horrible. She gives her father a definite run for his money when it comes to shot composition. And 1 out of every 8 or 10 pictures is a gem.

Like this one of Dessy:

Or this one of our friend's cavapoo Astro.

They're a little blurry but this is only a 1.3 megapixel camera and the shutter speed is super slow. But out of the 200 or so photos she's taken so far, about 30 are decent. More to come. I will spare you from the many blurred pictures of our rug, or the extreme close ups of a pillow. I can't promise there won't be nostril shots of The Good Doctor though.