Memo to Emmy: 37.5 Months

Dear Ems,

If there were a quota on how many times I could say, "Emmy, I love you" I'd be WAAAAAAAAAY over my lifetime allotment already. I tell you that at least 20 times a day because you're always asking a random question or making a wry observation or answering me with some new phrase you picked up who knows where. The latest expressions in your vernacular include: "I guess." "Whatever." "Introhhhh....ducing...MOMMY! (Wherein you raise a napkin and then expect me to 'perform' something each time you lower the napkin and introduce me.)

The sass factor has grown exponentially. You didn't have a terrible twos but you have a fierce threes going on. Example: Each night you MUST tuck in every stuffed animal and Calico Critter and GOD FORBID anyone try to help you because you want to do it all by yourself so help you God.

Me: Come on Emmy, it's time for bed.

You: I'm not READY yet. *slowly picking up animals and artfully arranging them in their giant storage basket*

Me: Emmy, hurry up.


But I can't be mad because you are so anal about it that it reminds me of your dad. Como se dice "creature of habit?" Things must be completed in order and in a particular fashion. Every animal has a spot in the basket and they must be placed in sequentially and if Mommy tries to casually sneak one in, HELL WILL BE PAID.

Lambie, Froggy, Kitty, Marv, Tan Bunny, Aurora, Sara, Cooper, Olivia, Blue, and Foofa all have to be respected each and every night. Don't get me started on the ridiculous night time routines for Sister Dog, Brother Dog, Sister Monkey and Sister Hedgehog and their miniscule stuffed animals in your critter homes. I have since learned to get the process started long before I expect you to actually fall asleep.

Daddy has taught you to sound out some 3 letter words with your bath tub letters. It's pretty exciting. It's also exciting that at least someone is using that jetted tub every other night.

White Grandma says your dad had a piercing whine that sliced right through her. Looks like that gene was successfully passed on to you. Every now and then you get caught in a mindless cycle of "Mommy mommy mommyyyyyyyyyy" or Daddy daddy dadddddddyyyyyyyyyyy" just because you're bored and you think one or both of your parents should respond to your repeated, high pitched, whining of our names. And your tendency to repeat your requests 8 thousand times if you are not being acknowledged or if I can't drop everything and play picnic in your room. #toddlerscanbeannoying #duh

Everyone's been asking how you're doing with Dessy. Amazeballs would be the correct answer. At first you were pretty ambivalent; she really made very little impact on your day to day operations. But now when she cries, we will glance up and see a small toy playing music by her face or a balloon floating above her head. You drop off little things to soothe her, and then scoot off to watch her reaction. It's so sweet seeing your new responsible 'Big Sis' persona emerging.

You like to give Dessy her sleeping blanket and you push her swing ever so gently when it's out of batteries. I don't know how we lucked into your angelic demeanor but it is beyond endearing. Makes me love you even more. 

It's really fun to hear you talk about Dessy, "My sister is crying." Or when we joke about how she should eat some of your gummy bear vitamins, you love to laugh and say, "NO! She only drinks MILLLLK!" 

We suggested you share a bath with Dessy and your first reaction was to get a little teary and say, "But she can have her bath before me." But then you steeled yourself and when we asked again if you wanted to do a sister bath, you said, "OK." I think that sums it up. You are just a thoughtful and kind and gentle little person who impresses us and surprises us every day. 

We love you little punkin.

Your grateful Mama Panda and Papa Panda