American Ninja Warrior: Emmy Edition

We've been watching a lot of G4 recently. Somehow the remote control always ends up in the The Good Doctor's hands when my hands are full, i.e. when I am pumping. It is the only time at night we really sit down for 15 minutes to watch TV because it's after bedtime for the girls and it's the only thing to do when I am captive to the THWONKKKKKK THWONKKKKKKKK of the pump.

He's turned me onto American Ninja Warrior, which is pseudo addictive because in my house, you're always betting your husband about whether the next competitor is going to make it through the obstacle course or not. 

So naturally, I come home from the gym to find the upstairs hallway leading to our room has been turned into a pseudo American Ninja Warrior course, toddler style. 

It is Emmy's new favorite thing to do.