Douche Dad of the Year

I would never claim the rights to a Mom of the Year award, farm or otherwise, but I have to write an open letter to the dad who left his 3 year old daughter with us for 30 minutes while he taught a tennis lesson 300 yards away. 

Dear Douche Dad,

Your daughter Kyla is an adorable gem of a girl. She came right up to our family as we were picnicking at the park. She was articulate enough to tell us her name and that she was 3. At first we thought she was with you, her dad, but when we asked the man walking the dog if Kyla was his daughter, he said "No, she just started walking around with me because of the dog. I think her dad is over there teaching a tennis lesson. Her brothers are around here somewhere. At least that's what she told me."

Lucky for you that man wasn't a creep or psychopath. At least not that day. He continued walking his dog, and Kyla stayed with us. At first it was really cute. She was so friendly and curious. She asked what we were eating and happily accepted a chewy Chips Ahoy cookie. And then 2 more after that. We asked her if she had any allergies. She said no. Then we asked her if she knew what allergies were and she also said no. She wanted some cherries, so we pitted them and gave her some. And some strawberries too. Then we asked her where you were. She confirmed you were on the tennis courts. Behind closed gates. Way far away. And her older brothers who were supposedly at the playground semi-nearby? They were way over at the tennis courts too. Far enough away that I could have easily scooped your little Kyla up and put her in my car and you wouldn't have had a fighting chance of catching up with me.

Or I could've been feeding her poison. Or molesting her. Or any number of deranged, disgusting things that happen all the time every day everywhere. Maybe I sound super paranoid and over the top, but your actions sent me there.

Kyla just hung out with us. She was perfectly at home. So much so I would bet it wasn't her first time wandering up to strangers at a picnic and blending right in. That's a great quality for an adult. It's a freaky one for a 3 year old. 

The topper was when she finally left. Her older brothers yelled, "Come on Kyla! It's time to GO!" and when we looked up, you were paying ZERO attention, strolling to the car chatting with your tennis buddy, counting on your other kids to collect your youngest. 

You didn't even have the basic courtesy to come over and see who we were or to acknowledge the half hour your daughter spent in our company.

You are a total jerk and an unfit father. Am I overreacting? I don't know. I'm pretty pissed, actually. With a daughter as cute and sweet and trusting as Kyla, you are rolling the dice when you leave her to fend for herself. Maybe I should have said something to you, because even though I'm pretty new to this whole parenting thing, I think what you did was beyond stupid. It was dangerous. 

The news reporter in me, the paranoid Asian mom who worries about kidnappers around every corner, the basic common sense I have as a person--all of that leads to me think you're an idiot and I should've told you that in no uncertain terms. Even if you thought I was a crazy overprotective mom, maybe it would've spurred you to think twice the next time you let Kyla wander around.

Thanks for being such a jackass. I really needed that spike in blood pressure. I only wish I had thought to run after you and tell you this in person.