Quoted: "Something Else"

We've avoided telling Emmy about any sort of male anatomy because, well, there's no male anatomy in her life that she needs to know about.

But she's seen Romeo pee about 8 hundred thousand times in her three years of living, and one day she just came up with the notion that he pees out of his belly button. She would just watch the stream of sugar filled urine streaming from his little diabetic canine urethra and say, "Look, Romeo is peeing out of his belly button!" She seemed so proud to have figured that out that we never bothered to correct her. What's the harm in letting your toddler think her min pin pees out of his belly button? Is that going to prevent her from going to Harvard? I think not.

If anything, it sets her up for a random question she asked last night while making her before-bed potty stop.

"Daddy, do you pee out of your belly button? Or something else?"

The Good Doctor's highly scientific, grown up response: "I pee out of my pee pee. Just like you Emmy."