My new favorite favorite blossom. I bought a bouquet at Trader Joe's to brighten up the island for a recent brunch. I only bought one package of 5 stems, because I'm cheap. And I bought them halfway open, also because I'm cheap and I wanted the flowers to last as long as possible. (Much like I buy Emmy's clothes 2 sizes too big, for the same reason.) And I got scolded by The Good Doctor for being cheap.

Him: "These? What are these? These are lame! They're not even open yet!"

Me: "Emmy said she liked them because they're pink. (Partly true. The other true part is that, wait for it, I'm cheap.)

Him: "It's OK to buy nice flowers. We're having GUESTS." I don't know when my husband became Lance Lew, but the man is obsessed with fresh flowers and arranging them perfectly for our guests. I mean, our GUESTS.

Me: "Ehhh, they're fine. They'll be fine. They're fiiiiine."

Him: "You're lame."

Well lo and behold, Emmy picked some awesome flowers. They opened up YOOOOOGE the next day, perfect timing for our guests. I mean GUESTS. And even 5 days later, when the dark pink color had faded from almost all of the petals, they still looked beautiful. Kind of like antiqued vintage flowers.

LOVE peonies. Even when they're old, they're gorgeous. May we all be so lucky.