We've been watching the transformation of a long patch of dirt and weeds into an actual outdoor space with seat walls and patio and raised planting.

Otherwise known as coughing up a lung for a backyard.

We chose basic concrete to do the patio, as we're attempting to achieve a modern resort-like backyard that's kid-friendly, dog-friendly, and guest-friendly. So when they poured the concrete, it was a pretty big deal. All hands on deck, and there's no turning back once that pump starts spewing.

Concrete jungle much? Once we get some plants and trees back there, it will feel a little less Lego Land. I hope.

No one has been more excited about getting back there than a little brown diabetic dog. Romeo has about as much patience as he does IQ, which is my polite way of saying he doesn't have much of either. We are still trying to keep him inside because even though the concrete has dried, the crews have just put down the manure. And more than once we've caught him out back munching on dried cow dung. Super high in omega 3's. 

But every once in a while, that little fool slips past us, mosies out there, and finds a sun warmed patch of dung to snooze in. We indulge him because with all his diabetes, allergies, and eczema, he's probably going to die soon anyway. At least he will go out smelling like a rose.