We finally broke down and decided to lop off some of Emmy's locks. Not enough to send away for a cancer wig but maybe in the future we can try.

Her long straggly hair was becoming dry and unwieldy. And after baths, it would get caught in her armpits when I tried to put her pajama tops on. Oh the horrors.

Plus she started dance classes this week and students are supposed to wear their hair in a bun.

And as you know from watching morning television, every make over needs a "before" photo.

Can you feel the excitement?

How about another, because my life would not be complete without this photo of Emmy from behind with her pink on pink self-selected outfit of awesome skulls and hearts. I don't know how or when it happened, but she became a pinkaholic.

Asian Grandma does the honors because she's the professional. She cuts everyone's hair in this house. 

Question: How do you get a 3 year old to sit still while Asian Grandma adds layers to her hair?

Answer: Make sure she can see the screen while "Go Diego Go" is on. Resssscue pack, coming to the ressssscue! I can totally salsa to that song.

And the "after" shot:

Totally stoked, dude!