Memo to Dessy: 3.75 Months


You're just a nummy lump of deliciousness. I can't believe you're already almost 4 months old. I am enjoying your babyhood as much as I can. I'm going to really miss you now that I'm officially back at work, but I think Asian Grandma has the tougher job taking care of you and Emmy. I read a saying that with parenting and grandparenting, "the days are long but the years are short." That summed it up perfectly.

You're a light sleeper, just like your papa. But you are a very easygoing baby and you smile easily. You love to grin at your family, and you definitely recognize your sister. When she comes near to show you a toy or sing a little lullaby that she made up, you quiet down and watch. It is the sweetest thing to see. I hope you will grow into best buddies; you're off to a marvelous start.

The sound of your laughter is irresistible to everyone; it makes us stop what we're doing to come see your giggle. You love when your papa pumps your arms into your belly or sings little songs using your hands to act out the lyrics. It totally cracks you up.

We've been working on tummy time. You're much better at it than your sister was, but you do spend a lot of time on your back. Exhibit A:

This should be the only time in your life you have this hairdo. 

Pant pant pant. Your little breaths are my favorite smell in the world. Just little puffs of hot air as you breathe and wiggle your head around, my litle square candy that looks 'round, just like Emmy used to do when she'd be on her back checking out the world.

The most major developmental milestone for you, actually for us too, is that in the past couple weeks, you have pooped in the toilet. Pooptastic. Poopsanity. Poopapalooza.

No, I'm not $hitting you! You've pooped at least 14 times in toilet as of this writing. Tiger Grandma is not messing around this time. Soon you will be eating with chopsticks and doing multiplication. I came in after talking to our backyard landscapers a week and a half ago and she nonchalantly says, "Dessy pooped in the toilet."



She just held you over the toilet and made the same ssssssss and unhhhh sounds we have been making since you were a wee baby during your diaper changes. And you just went right into the crapper. Genius!

You've pooped for me and for Daddy. It's such a satisfying feeling. We are not militant about it but every morning now before we put on your first fresh diaper, we take you to the bathroom to poop and pee first and you always do. Pooptabulous!

I'd say you're doing pretty awesome for an almost 4 month old, Ms. Odessa Rubyliciousness. We love you oodles upon noodles.

Your Favorite Mama and Dada