Because this is how I feel when I watch So You Think You Can Dance, complete with the leg motions, I had to enroll Emmy in some sort of lessons involving ballet slippers and tap shoes and tutus. But now that I'm back at work, Asian Grandma, Asian Grandpa and The Good Doctor share the responsibilities of getting her to and from said lessons.

Let me state the obvious: Leaving the house with a toddler and a baby is no feat for the weak at heart. It requires a full hour of preparation. Because Dessy will poop and need her diaper changed. And then Emmy will poop and need a book and a gin and tonic to relax afterward. Then Romeo will need to poop, followed by Tofu and Coco.

Then by the time you get Dessy into a carseat, the dogs into their pen, and Emmy into her leotard, Asian Grandpa will need a glass of water. It's like the Bermuda Triangle; you go in and never know if you'll come out.

That said, Asian Grandma and Grandpa did make it to the first class, early, with perfect parking. I caught the last 10 minutes of it, which made me very happy because see, I can work and still be at your "First Time Life Events," Emmy! 

As I watched Emmy through the big glass window, little things dawned on me.

1. Her leotard looked a little weird. Like it was too low cut in the front. Like the back looked a little high. Like...oh, that's it, it was on backward!

2. One of her ballet slippers looked darker than the other. Wait, it WAS darker. Wait, her friend and classmate had a darker shoe too. WAIT, they were EACH wearing one of the other's shoes! Somehow in the middle of the class when they changed from tap shoes to ballet slippers, Emmy and her buddy mixed it up.

No big deal. Who hasn't worn a backwards tutu and someone else's shoe at some point?

But then we get back to the Prius, the car Asian Grandparents had driven over to the dance lesson, and I notice all the interior dash lights are on. The car is running. And has been, along with the air conditioning, for the past HOUR. 

This is what happens when you add a second child to the family.

But she had a great time and she's on her way to becoming a donnncer. I love it, I love it, I love it!