Memo to Dessy: 5.5 Months

Helloooo Dessy!

When did you become such a big frankfurter of a baby? I saw an 8 month old out on the town a few nights ago and I swear your head is at least 50% bigger than that baby's. Mere mortal infants stand no chance against your melon noggin. I went back to work just shy of your 4 month birthday and now you done growed right up. You're eating 7 ounces at each feeding, you're rolling over like a champ and you have slept from about 830PM to 6AM a few nights in a row. I felt like a new woman when you didn't wake me up until 6AM. Let's keep up the good sleep mojo, capiche?

You really only cry for one reason. You're hungry. And if you're hungry, watch out world. That milk bottle better be warmed to the right temperature or you're going bananas. You will shriek and cry and shake your head all about if you catch a glimpse of the bottle before it's ready. Daddy and Asian Grandma go to great lengths to take the long way around the kitchen if it's almost feeding time. Forget the Beard, they fear the Belly.

You've started this new pteradactyl screaming that's pretty cute if ear piercing. It's just like your pastime. When you have nothing better to do and you're in the mood, you just start squawking away. 

Unlike your big sis, we wasted no time kicking you into your own room. Instead of 6 months, you were 4 months. Your snuffling and scrumping was keeping me up and Mama can't bring home the bacon if she can't sleep. So out you went, unceremoniously into your hand me down crib in your new room. I think it's working for both of us though, because you're a light sleeper and now you don't have to stir every time we ruffle a sheet or take a breath.

You are definitely a morning person. You are a happy little babbler with a big smile for us when we come in to pick you up after a good night's sleep. Your big grin makes it a teeny bit easier to deal with my interrupted sleep. And you smell just so perfect. Milky, diapery, baby numminess.

I used to think the phrase "morning constitution" meant someone was going #2. Apparently it also means taking a morning walk  or doing something good for your constitution. In your case, it's the latter. And by latter I mean pooper. Your AM constitutional is like clockwork. You empty those bowels and that bladder right into the toilet and we cheer every time. You're pooping in a diaper myabe 25% of the time. Way to be green and save wipes and diapers Dessy!

You are so aware of the world around you. You love to watch the dogs zip back and forth and any time your big sis is near, you turn your chubby cheeks to watch her go by. You have a lot of smiles for Emmy and you seem unfazed by her energy and volume. One of my favorite memories of this time will be your reaction to Emmy when she sings the ABC song to you. Anytime you are fussin' about and we ask her to calm you down, she sings her alphabet and you instantly chillax. It is the sweetest thing to see and I can only hope for this much harmony when you're 10 and she's 13. 

You already have some little buddies, like Rohan. A week your senior, he's got you way beat on size. Those crazy Korean kids. They have cheeks for days.

Still working on sitting up and growing hair. Maybe by 6 months we'll see some improvement there. Meantime, get that sleeping through the night thing down and we're golden.

I love you so much my little fat baby. You're so darn cute and happy, I wish I could freeze you in this time. But as my friend said about her 3 kids, she always felt that way, and then every stage kept getting better. Looking forward to it Dess.

Love you,