Sucker for Succulents

This weekend we took a little Baycation to celebrate 5 years of wedded bliss. It was a surprise actually--The Good Doctor refused to tell me where we were going and insisted on keeping it a secret until we were on the road. Surprises I can handle but McKayla Maroney is not impressed with anticipating a surprise. I hate knowing that I'm not allowed to know what's about to happen. In case you are not familiar with the McKayla meme, it involves photoshopping McKayla into various scenes with her Olympic pout. We have incorporated it into our everyday vernacular at home because, as you may have suspected, we are not impressed with a lot of things.

In any case, part of the little weekend trip involved a stop at Succulent Gardens, this huge nursery for amazing succulents. Not as inexpensive as one might think, but they carry a wide variety of really unique plants.

These are little pagoda succulents; they come in all green too, and they are just so neat the way they grow straight up in towers like, uh, pagodas. 

Not sure what this is but it's really beautiful. And costs 30 bucks.

My favorite item at Succulent Gardens--these amazing "living pictures." Just chock full of sempervivums and other succulents with tons of texture and gorgeous planty goodness.

A $75 terra cotta pot of succulents. 

We brought these guys home. One characteristic of succulents is that you can chop off pieces of them called "cuttings" and then stick those in the ground to grow into new plants. I'm not sure how that symbolizes our relationship but I do hope these little dudes thrive with us for many more anniversaries to come.

P.S. Half Moon Bay Nursery has a lot of great succulents that are slightly cheaper in case that's closer to you than Castroville. Not quite as much selection but definitely enough to get you started if you too are a sucker for succulents.

P.P.S. All photos were just quick snapshots from a smart phone. Damn Gina. I still love my Nikon D60 but these are pretty slick and the phone fits in my back pocket. McKayla Maroney is impressed.