Mandalay Bay Unity 2012

As a follow up to my post about pumping in Vegas, I learned that hotels stock mini-fridges that they can cart up to your room for free IF you have medical needs.

Right before pumping, I checked the mini fridge to see how much room I was going to have to store my liquid goodness between the mini bottles of alcohol and whatever else they put in the fridges of Vegas hotels these days. Turns out the fridge was locked. No problem. I start pumping and I call the front desk. #Multitasking. 

Me: Hi, I can't open the fridge in my room.

Desk: You need a credit card on file to open the fridge. Hang on. *clang* You should be able to open it now. But just so you know, it's equipped with weight sensors so if you pick anything up for more than 30 seconds, you will be charged.

Me: Good to know.

Desk: You want to try and open it?

Me: Actually, I can't. I'm pumping right now but I just wanted to make sure I could use the fridge to store my milk.

Desk: *Red Alert* Um oh, hang on. We are going to send a fridge up to your room. And we won't charge you since it's for medical purposes. Please don't put any milk in the mini fridge.

Me: Awesome! I had no idea! Do I have to be in the room?

Desk: No. We'll send that right up.

Mandalay Bay: #Nguyening! I haven't been in Vegas in so long I had no idea a) mini fridges were remote controlled and b) they have extra fridges they can just cart up to your room if you have "medical purposes."

Your Vegas hotel 101.