Stress: Gangnam Style

I was supposed to write a post tonight about Dessy turning 6 months and her teef that are coming in and how she weighs 17 pounds 11 ounces. But I'm so annoyed by work related matters that I didn't want that to taint a sweet memo to my roly poly bug.

So instead I caught up on my friend Kay's blog about building a home in Palo Alto. The article she cites from Harvard Business Review about stress is SO flippin' SPOT ON with what I need to know to deal right now. As Kay summarized: "The article says that the underlying source of stress usually boils down to frustrated expectations. Stress occurs when there is a gap between what you expected to happen and what is actually happening."

I'm experiencing quite a few gaps right now. Wide, cavernous, expansive, Grand Canyon-esque gaps. From email exchanges that started out funny and devolved into someone getting butt hurt and powertripping, to responses from government agencies, you know, the "powerful" people we are supposed to be holding accountable as The Unit, my expectations and what is actually happening are so not copacetic.

I normally manage expectations pretty well. And I try to keep perspective by remembering everything I have to be grateful for, which is a boatload. But it's easy to get wrapped up in the daily wrinkles and hassles and the things that should be a 1-2 on the stress scale can seem like 7s or 8s. 

Not to say that I should lower expectations to live a lame life, but I need to take a breath, let go of all the douchebaggery, and find my deep breath moment. I'm having a hard time shaking things off because I am dealing with so much more at work that gets me worked up. It takes a little while to unwind, even when my brain knows better, my mind won't cooperate. That's not a fun war to have: brain vs. mind.

But then I watch a video about an epic meltdown (thanks Anthony Slaughter), or this PSY Gangnam Style video that I'm apparently the 48 millionth person to discover. 

So if you see me riding an invisible horse down the hall, it's me working on my expectations. Thank God for Korean pop stars. I love that he gives the fans what they want when he gets up to dance (at :35 into the video.)