Memo to Dessy: 6.5 Months

Hi Butter Cat,

That's my new nickname for your ridiculousness. You're just a fat ball o' buttery thighs and goodness and you squawk (I had to look up how to spell that) constantly.

Your Honor, I'd like to introduce People's Exhibit A:

Although maybe 50% of that squawking had to do with the crazy headband I put on your head. You were not impressed with that look.

You weigh 17 pounds 11 ounces and you are still in the 90th percentile for head size. That's my butter cat. And *breaking news alert* you have TEEF! Top front two and bottom front two are just barely starting to break the surface. You bite everything, including our fingers that you love to grab and shove into your gummy mouth. I love it.

From day one, you had the cutest baby mouth. And a very distinctive one. You had these two spots for your front teeth that just looked enormous. Your dad and I would look at the spaces in your gums where your front teeth were supposed to go and we'd say, "Isn't it funny how it looks like she's going to have huge front teeth?"

Turns out, you really are going to have huge front teeth. They're Chiclets! With a straight up Madonna sized gap between them.  

Add in a hand on your hip and you're golden. 

You have a new shimmy shake when you lie on your back wriggling this way and that. It may be all that junk in your trunk that's helped you turn on your little glow seahorse. It's this soft seahorse with a plastic belly that I can barely turn on because you have to squeeze the bejesus out of its stomach at just the right spot. Somehow you have Incredible Hulk strength and you turn it on all the time by yourself in the crib.

You're sitting up fairly well but man do you love a good tummy nap. Most nights I have to come in and re-position you, lest you stay in sleeping on your face and your knees with your bottom high in the air. That could cause some serious wrinkles later on.

You recognize all your favorite people and reward us often with huge open mouth smiles and yells. You and your dad get in the best yelling matches. You definitely get the last yell in. No backing down. You're starting to get a touch of the stranger danger though. If you don't know someone, you give them the hairy eyeball for sure. 

Your pooping and peeing in the toilet are just stellar. You and Asian Grandma get the Olympic Gold for toilet training. #mckaylamaroneyisimpressed.

I miss you so much during the week, because I only get to wake up with you, change your diaper, feed you and play with you a little bit before I get ready for work and head out. By the time I get home, it's a race to feed you, pump, get you to bed and get Emmy to bed. It's never enough time but we relish our weekends with you.  

So much that we photoshop you into photos when you're not with us.

Babies like you trick people into having more babies. 

Not cool.

We love you Butter Cat,

Moms and Pops