Things I've Learned About Myself As A Parent

1. I don't like to be told what to do. 

2. I don't like to plan every moment of my day.

3. I don't like to be told what time it is.

4. I dont like to be told how many minutes until the next baby or toddler needs to be fed.

5. I like spontaneity. 

6. Just a little chaos makes things fun.

7. I function best after one cup of coffee. 

8. I am not creative.

9. I like to copy games other people invent to entertain children.

10. I can't reason with a toddler. I rely on the powerplay of "Because I said so."

11. Patience is a virtue. That I don't have.

12. Parenting is harder than investigating. And there are no sexy promos for it. #weparent Not so much.

13. I pout more than my kids do.

14. I think of myself as a "woman with child," not a mother. I learned that term from The Apprentice, when the executives from Tide or some company were telling the teams to design a marketing campaign to target "women with children," not mothers. Just think about it for a sec. It will make sense. Maybe I will deserve the title of mother at some point. Clearly not yet.

15. I should have read more books about how to do this.

16. I am not qualified to do this alone.

17. It can be rewarding, fulfilling, and enjoyable if I live in the moment and remember how lucky I am to be a parent. #workingonthat