Emmy's World

You may recall my small victory via Amazon.com when buying a Calico Critters treehouse for Emmy last Christmas. Well, that investment has paid off in spades. Not only does she love these freaking things, she plays with them constantly. We are always discovering them in random places in the midst of a meal or packed in the hot tub or peering over the balcony. I love peeking in and spying on her when she's voicing over the Mommies and Daddies and babies and making sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to be doing. She is very much like her father in her anal retention. Everything has to be just so, or hell will be paid. 

And if you know anything about the size of these things, you will know that great dexterity is required to get tiny plates on top of tiny tables on top of other tables, not to mention the tiny water bottles in front of the tiny babies sitting on tiny chairs. 

I love these two. Reminds me so much of Emmy and her daddy.

Bathtime. Interspecies family. Emmy is so progressive.

Admiring the fruits of her labor.

Calico Critters for the win.

P.S. Notice the monkey playing the piano and the dog family posing for their family portrait?