Romeo Will Never Die

It's the title of the 78th James Bond movie. If Bond was the last pick of a miniature pinscher litter born in a Phoenix trailer park.

It was just last week we were looking at our little diabetic dog and saying, "Hey, Romeo looks really good. His hair is finally growing back from the allergies. He's not all skin and bones! Our little ragamuffin may well survive after all!"

BAM. Homeboy wakes up with one eye that won't open. Great. Two days later, he's still walking around like a pirate with no patch. Universe, cut a brother a break! Romeo was healthy for 5 minutes before you struck him blind.

Apparently there are vets who specialize in eyes. Eye specialists. For dogs. Turns out he has some sort of corneal ulcer in his right eye. Of course he does. This dog is a walking four legged zombie money pit of disease.

But we love him. So we fork over the cash to have him sedated, injected with a local anesthetic and to have a layer of his cornea cut off. 

That's not all though. Now he gets antibiotic drops 4 times a day in his right eye. Moisturizing drops 4 times a day in his left eye. Ointment twice a day in his right eye. A painkiller every 6 hours. All this, on top of the two insulin shots he has to get after he eats. 

What about the two kids we're trying to raise in this house? They will have to wait. We have a dog that refuses to die and yet he clings to life with the relish of a fern. I mean, is he even happy to be here? 

We can't know for sure. But we do know he is wandering around the house wearing this Elizabethan collar 24/7, resigned to his life as The Walking Dead. 

Meantime, Romeo has reached his deductible. I mean, really reached it this time. He's gonna have to hope the Affordable Care Act goes into effect before his next illness.