Things I'm Shocked My Toddler Hasn't Said

Emmy repeats all sorts of things we say, but for some reason, she is a savant when it comes to not repeating inappropriate language. I have cut way back on my trucker mouth but things still slide in here and there and I am so, so lucky Emmy picks up on these verbal cues and self-filters. It's remarkable. She has an uncanny way of noting what we say that kids shouldn't. And she doesn't. 

I'm waiting until the day she shows up in kindergarten and someone doesn't hand over the blocks when she asks nicely. She has a well stocked potty vernacular.

1. Douche

2. Douche face

3. Ass face

4. The F word

5. The S word

6. Balls (in context)

7. Shut it

8. Damn

9. Nutso

10. Are you EFFING kidding me?

11. Total biatch

12. This is bull

13. Oh snap

14. Motherfather

15. I am so pissed right now

Did I say I've cut back on my trucker mouth? Apparently I haven't left the truck stop as far behind as I thought....#workingonthat