Memo to Dessy: 11 Months

Clever Girl,

You're like a little velociraptor who figures things out after seeing them once, and who continues to eat so quickly and heartily your poops often look like brown versions of whatever your last meal was. Or black in the case of your blueberry binges. Half a cup at a time, you're a bottomless pit. 

You cruise around so fast now. One second you're on the piano babbling into a microphone, the next, Emmy is yelling "Baby alert!" to warn us that you're climbing up the stairs. 

Your physicality is so different than what Emmy's was at this age. As in, we never had to worry about her getting into the dog food and water, or pulling open all the drawers and slamming her fingers shut. You're a baby bomb, looking for ways and means to blow stuff up. Luckily Asian Grandma watches you like a hawk. 

You learn so fast. We showed you how to start getting off of benches and beds backwards and when we say, "Dessy, go backwards, go backwards," you turn your little bum around and go feet first. 

You can sort of throw a ball or "BA!" Mostly forward but a few backward throws here and there that put a confused look on your face.

And what an expressive face you have. Your big gappy grins are so generous and they fill up the room. Your giggles are effervescent. You find Daddy's hair to be highlarious.

Say hello to my little finger. You have a business finger. It's your right middle. You love to press any and every button that you can. The buttons on the fridge, the buttons on the remote control, light switches, keypads. You are a button pusher. Just like your mama.

You often sound just like one of them biters from The Walking Dead. Your labored "shheeeesh shheeeesh" breathing and this new tendency to lunge your face at Emmy's knee or back or any body part of hers that happens to be near you. At first we thought you were trying to kiss her but then we realized you were actually trying to sink your chompers into some flesh. Now Emmy says, "No biting Odessa!" and scoots away. Let's hope you outgrow this, Jaws.

Your vocab includes Dada, Mama, a moo that sounds like a raspberry boo, and BA! for ball. You saw Emmy blowing into a horn, her harmonica, and singing into her microphone, so you improvised by baahhing into each thing. 

It was a nice first Christmas with you. We didn't get you a single thing. I'm sorry. I'll put extra cash in your therapy fund. We knew everyone else would spoil you. 

Ohhhdessa. You are such a big bundle of delicious baby. 

Love you,