Staycation: Things I Like

It's great for getting things done. It's not great when your husband gets a stomach bug two days into it. Remember how I kept saying pins and needles before the birth of Odessa? This is his version of pins and needles: "It's like I'm hungry and my stomach is empty and I haven't eaten for days. But at the same time I feel nauseated." "I feel really weird. Like my stomach is empty but also nauseated." "It's the strangest feeling. I'm like hungry but not. Because I'm really queasy too." Who knew you could say that 200 different ways? It's been awesome.

Other great things so far:

1. Craigslisting and donating. Purging material belongings is so cleansing. Particularly baby items. Ever notice how everything constructed for the smallest person in the room happens to take up the most space in that room? Swings, jumpers, rockers, high chairs, all of it designed to have a T-Rex sized carbon footprint.

2. Seeing my mother in law. (Note to newly marrieds: If you have a blob and your mother in law reads it, you should always list her visit as a highlight of your staycation.) We are planning an epic trip to Hawaii and it was nice to get her input and line everything up for that week. The Good Doctor, his wife (this one) and our almost 4 year old and by then one year old, plus my brother in law and his 5 year old, and my MIL and FIL. We will come home tan and rested and looking forward to our next mega trip, or we won't. It will be memorable either way.

3. Organizing. Shredding old files. Clearing out my closet. Deleting is so underrated.

4. Spending time with Emmy and Dessy. Dessy is standing on her own for a second at a time and shuffling around on two feet when she's holding on to something. Emmy is Calico Critter obsessed and hilariously imaginative. 

Brother Panda and Sister Panda having bamboo toast and lemonade in the family caravan. Mormons meet gypsies.

5. Chilling.

6. Checking things off the longstanding, long suffering to do list. Still on that list: waiting in line at the Social Security office to get a card for Dessy. Umm, yes, she turns one next month. This staycation came in the nick of time.