Things I'm Learning About Investigating

Research is critical. So. Much. Research.

It takes a lot of surveillance. Surveilling. Which is not the same as sleeping. Unfortunately.

It's a lot of cloak and daggery stuff. Not my strong suit.

It requires being inconspicuous. Again, difficult.

People lie. So bad. All the time. To your face. LIARS!

It requires patience.

You refer to people as "sources."

You have to be a good listener.

You have to call B.S. quickly.

I have spent many hours listening to tips that don't pan out. Hours that I will never get back.

You can't tell anyone anything.

Law enforcement has it tough dealing with bad people who suck.

If you scam people, you often get away with it.

Every court records system is different.

Most courts still operate old school with papers and files and more papers and files.

Nothing is done until it's done. And then there's probably still a follow up.

It takes a lot of resources.

It's competitive.

It's not easy to explain what you're doing without some long back story.

Most things are not black and white.