2013 New Year's Revelations

Sorry for the light posting lately, but I've been alternating days off with The Good Doctor and single momming two kids does not leave time for blogging. It leaves time for collapsing at the end of the night face first into a pillow.

But the unexpected benefit of spending a bunch of time at home alone with Emmy and Dessy is getting to enjoy them and absorb them and appreciate their crazy cuteness. And it also allowed for some reflection about what's to come in 2013 and what I learned from 2012.

You may look at my list and say, "No doy!" But it took me much of 2012 to realize what I could be doing more of in this new year. I am not for for sweeping resolutions and ticker tape parades announcing the greatness of things to come; I much prefer to do and then celebrate once the achievement is fully realized and tangible. 

But the end of a year is a natural time for reflection and the promise of a new year is full of hope for doing better. So, here are some things I've figured out. As obvious as they may seem, nothing works better for me than to lay it out in black and white for the universe to hear. 

1. Being present, specifically when I am home and hanging out with my amazing small people who are growing and changing by leaps and bounds nearly every day. I have also realized that when I am unplugged from my phone and the chaos in my mind, Odessa never falls backwards off a step. Fancy that!

2. Talking less. I don't have to volunteer my thoughts and weigh in on everything.

3. Listening intently, observing, and thinking before judging. And by judging I mean nodding politely and remembering #2.

4. Being nicer. In general.

5. Controlling stress and limiting worries about the future because the former gives me gray hair and the latter is unproductive.

6. Trying to be less ADHD. Multitasking is a total mind killer for me. I think it's the reason I enjoy shoveling snow or staining a fence. It's nice to do physical, manual, single-minded labor sometimes.

7. Making to-do lists. They keep me focused, and it's satisfying to cross things off the list. 

8. Getting less annoyed by...everything. Patience is a skill best improved when practiced, and patience is freeing. Patient people don't seem to be annoyed by much. Which explains why I'm often annoyed. #vickyimpatiencenguyen 

9. Organizing my everything. "A place for everything and everything in its place" is a mantra to aspire to in my house. It will help cut down on the 8 million times someone asks me where something is. 

Remind me to check this list every month. I'm sure it will take me at least all of 2013 to make a dent in most of them but #1 is happily well under control so far.

Happy New Year! May we all be healthy, happy, and less annoying.