Memo to Dessy: 20 Months


"Mo pocky MO POCKY!" Asian Grandma got you hooked on those strawberry-dipped Japanese treats. You're like a little addict yelling into the pantry for those things morning, noon and night. We indulge you once a day because you are the cutest little Pocky stick eater but God help us whoever gets your sticky hands when you're done. You like to wipe and go, and I've been the victim of a few smeary incidents. 

Finally you don't answer every single question with "No!" We get an enthusastic "OK!" or "Yeahs?!" with lots of nodding about 5% of the time. Usually when ask if you want a chip or to go to Gymboree.

"Gymbo, Gymbo!!!" You love going to those classes, love singing the songs, love doing the dances. You're a clown groupie.

You know your whole family: Mee ma, Poo pa, Mee ma Mare-loo, Poo pa Gary, Unk Mike, and Jace-un. But Emmy Emmy is the person you are always calling for, always asking for an extra anything for your big sister. You want to know what she's doing when you first wake up, you randomly call out for her when she's at school, and you love to bring her one of whatever you're having.

That doesn't mean you don't still try to zombie bite her back when she gets in your way. Some of the most comi-tragic moments we've witnessed have to do with you fruitlessly trying to chomp down on Emmy's flat back. That coupled with your raspy, gaspy, snarly heavy breathing and you are just one make-up job away from being cast on "The Walking Dead."

You love pushing your little kid chairs all over the kitchen to see what we're doing, "see, see." You're a little curious George. You talk so much now, and you are a little self entertainer. You are pretty good at a rudimentary game of Simon Says where we have you stand on one leg, raise one hand, put your hands on your belly. It is cutness personified. 

And man what a giant you are. Top of the charts for height and head size. You're in Emmy's two year old clothes and sometimes stuff she's still wearing. All the better for snuggling with and Asian Grandma's getting awesome biceps from carrying you all over the place.

"Some some" is another Odessa-ism for when you want to have some of whatever we're munching on. Your vocab has grown so much. You can say "I like it" and "I love you" and "Daddy, where arrrrrre you?" And you know how to speak in Vietnamese to Meema and Poopa. You can count all the way to twelve, but you skip nine, give us a long tennnnnn! And then a quick eleven, twelve.  

We do a modified Simon Says and you are totally game for raising a leg or a hand or doing your version of whatever we're doing. Speaking of copycats, you can't wait to get on Emmy's scooter and bike, and you're sure to call for the "helmet, helmet?" You won't go outside without your hat, and holy Moses you will wear a princess dress like there's no tomorrow. Emmy's hand me downs have never looked cuter.

Thank you for fitting right in and making things so much better. You were the second baby but the first love multiplier. More is more, especially with you.