Memo to Emmy: 54 Months


It's this new thing we do. Mommy daughter bonding. You cling onto me and say "neverrrrrrrr!" like someone is trying to pull you away from me. It's hilarious actually and gives me an excuse to squeeze you back and say "neverrrrrrrrr!" like we're fighting against an invisible enemy together.

It's my favorite thing with you and Dessy. Togetherness. It's like Asian Grandma's sister says, you have children so you can kiss the bejesus out of them. 

You're growing up crazy fast. Not just your long legs that don't fit into any leggings anymore. You run off into class on those long legs without looking back. You have friends and games and funny observations about the world. Funniest line of preschool so far this year, "So, I was playing with Emery, Emmy Smith, and the other Emme when the boys came over and they weren't being nice." There are apparently 75 Emmys your age. Is it the new Jennifer?

You're a budding artist. That left hand draws fierce elephants with perfectly scaled ears, succulents like the ones in our pots in the backyard, and portraits of our entire family with me on a ladder picking cherries, and you and Odessa holding hands. 

I'm a little worried about the effects of our weekend runs to Nordstrom Rack, Target, and the various shopping destinations I grew up going to...your favorite game at the moment is called "The Store." When I'm getting ready for work in the morning, you scamper around and ask me what I want to buy, and you tally up the cost of my dress, heels, and earrings. I write you a post-it check and you stash it in the nightstand. You're very good at upselling me and encouraging me to buy the "shampoos, makeup, lotion, we have everything you could need at my store!" At least we're practicing math skills!

You're a pretty good teacher to Odessa. You like to break down phrases into about seven thousand syllables to have her repeat them to you. "Odessa, say Buh...loo...bearrrr...eee." "Blueberry." If Odessa continues on this path, we'll never be able to understand her.

At four and a half you have a pretty full schedule of preschool, ballet, gymnastics and now soccer. There's a bit of a chatterbug in you so half the time I'm not sure you're paying attention and the other half the time I wonder if you'd be any better if you were actually listening. Tiger Woods playing golf at 2 you ain't but I think you're having fun so we'll keep at it.

You have a such a good, sweet nature and quirky sense of humor. You're EQ is off the charts little lady. I love your sensitivity and keen ability to understand situations that would seem beyond a kid. I love watching you interact with your friends. You make friends so easily and we never have to worry about how you're acting. That is really a cool feeling as a parent. To have a little nice human to look after. 

Oh yeah, your new thing is saying, "Cool." Much better than any other four letter words you may have heard in this house.

Love you. For neverrrrrr!