Emmy had to bring an item to school today that starts with "K." At last check, we don't have a kangaroo or koala.

Kindling seems unkid-friendly. We don't own a Kindle. Not that I would send that to class with a pre-schooler.
Then I think of other k things we don't own. Kiln, kleptomaniac, kelp.
Emmy's suggestion is to bring her giraffe named Katie. 

Now, I may be a lot of things but desperate is not one of them. I'm all for creative problem solving, however, let's not kut korners by bringing a giraffe on K day. 

So I'm racking my brain at breakfast (the racks are pretty empty at that hour in the morning) and Asian Grandpa goes, "Kumquat!"

And before I can say, "And where, pray tell, can we get one of those in the next 5 minutes?" Asian Grandma goes, "Oh yes! We can get one from our tree!"

We have a tree?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Apparently we do. In the backyard. Clearly not my domain. 

Voila, Emmy gets a beautiful freshly cut kumquat to bring to class for K day. 

Meanwhile, Odessa, keenly listening to the conversation while drinking her morning thermos of warmed milk, says, "Kitty!" 

I swear that kid is crazy smart. Never underestimate those little toddler brains. Or the feebleness of my brain. Kitty. Come on Vicky. Kkkkkkitty. No doy! 

But hey, then Emmy would have brought a boring kitty to class instead of this:

Asian Grandparents save the day.