Dessy Turns One! The Party!

Those random late nights on ESPN2 paid off. The Good Doctor was inspired to get a Fathead as part of the decor for Dessy's first birthday. But then we did what all people do: we searched the internet and found a cheaper option. Wallhogs!

That spawned this:

Dessy's giant head has been a recurring theme throughout her life so we thought it appropriate to celebrate her first year with 205 cutouts ranging from .5 inch to 52 inches in diameter.

Amazingly, The Good Doctor deserves credit for cutting out all but about 15 of these. Because I was too busy editing my epic video of her birth and first year. Shots of my uterus take a lot of vignetting.  

The Dessy faces became mobiles, cabinet posters, stick masks,

 cupcake decorators...Yes, it got a little way out of control. But as my friend said, "Cute. Works for a first birthday because she won't know it's all about her. But could you imagine doing this for a 6 year old?"

Asian Grandpa for the win! He called 8 bakeries in San Jose because Vietnamese Cake Boss who made Emmy's ox cake is no longer in business, and found someone who could make an amazing whipped cream dragon cake, half strawberry, half pineapple filling. Enter the dragon!

Googly eyed with a pearl mouth. That should be the name of a song. Vietnamese bakers love to use the red gel to write with. That reminds me of crittal gel. As in, do you liiie crittal gel?

And the piece de resistance: 

We're number 1!

Party's over girlfriend. But the fun times are gonna keep on rollin.' Happy First Bday my lovey. May your happiness always be larger than life.