Memo to Emmy: 46.5

I'm so in love with you Emerson.

You help with everything. That's your new thing. The toddler who helps. But this is actual help. Not that 2 year old toddler who helps crap. You fold clothes, put away high heels, straighten up Calico Critters, put books on shelves, gather up toys. It. Is. Awesome. I will have to try and remember this Emmy when you're 13 and you want a nose ring and you tell me you hate my guts. Hopefully that never happens but I'm going to be a steel magnolia because I remember how evil I was at 13. 

Workbooks are your friend. You can trace the heck out of letters and numbers and connecting the dots is something you do literally and figuratively. I can't say anything around you anymore without you asking me #weinvestigate style questions. "Why is that person mean, Mommy?" "Why did he die?" "What does re-tweet mean?" "Who's a ding dong?"

Can't get anything past you. Soon spelling things out won't work either. #damnsmartkids

We're going through a bit of a renaissance. You love me again. Maybe probably not as much as Daddy but I feel the love when you yell, "Mommy!" and run into my arms when I come home from work. That is a super nice feeling. The best, really.

You are a really cool sidekick. The enjoyment of a mini-me really can't be overstated. You're a fun and engaging little shadow with the perfect amount of independent abilities. Not sassy and still doing what you're supposed to, at least by the time I count to 3. 

You're starting to warm up to your little sister, giving her toys and helping her out, despite her hair pulling tendencies and squawking. 

You write "love" and "Emerson" and your artwork gets better and better. You love to draw our family (always with me holding Odessa), animals, underwater scenes like this one with Daddy scuba diving with dolphins that look like manatees.

Your valentine, the best one we've ever gotten.

This age suits you so much Emerson. And me too. You are the best daughter ever. I will tell your sister that too, when she stops pooping in her pants.

Love you boo,