Memo to Dessy: 13 Months

Dear Odessa,

You're a walking machine. 3 weeks after turning one, you started standing for 10 seconds at a time. Then 3-4 steps. 5 days later you're a total homo sapien walking around like you own the joint. Which, with Asian Grandma and the rest of us wrapped around your soft little pinky, you do.

You exist at the poles. Whereas your big sis was always, and is still, mellow yellow, you're either a snuggle bunny of love, or you absolutely can't be bothered and have no problems squirming, shoving, and pushing anyone or thing in your way. #geewhodoyoutakeafter? It explains why no one can cut your fingernails. If we do it while you're awake, There Will Be Blood, mostly likely mine. And no one dares to bother you in your slumber, lest you wake up with a vengeance.

You can identify the closest members of your family easily and you love to call us by our names, including Gam-ah. For some reason you prefer to whisper "doggy" whenever you see the dogs, followed by a big grin and an attempt to swipe their faces.

For some reason you don't mind shatting in your diaper. You're still an unpredictable pooper even though we give you a lot of pooportunities on the toilet, you sometime wake up with the stinkiest bag of dung on your bum bum. #youreallymuststopthat 

You love to bring things over and share them with us on your newfound walking legs. You're also a total ham. You like to look around to make sure that no one missed the clever thing you just did. We are pretty impressed with your ability to figure things out. It seems like you're quick to pick up the gist of what's going on around you and you incorporate it into your bag of tricks.

We've learned not to get between you and the sliding glass door. You're constantly trying to jailbreak and feel the sun on your cheeks and the wind in your wispy hair. And you howl your displeasure with a side of kicky feet when you're not allowed out or we bring you back in too early.

You are otherwise such a happy camper and really easygoing. You give your gap tooth smile to strangers. You love to glance around when we're eating out, make polite eye contact, and shoot over a grin. Your patience at restaurants puts other babies to shame. But the second anyone touches your sparkly Tod's, you turn on the waterworks. You clearly have your limits.

We put you into a new big girl carseat now that you're 22+ pounds. That would also explain why my arms are ready to fall off. But I can't complain. I love love love holding you and sniffing your waif hair and the back of your baby neck. When you look up to point to the lights I want to gobble up that fat underchinny chin chin. Baby skin is just the best smelling thing in the entire universe. 

We're getting ready to take you on your first big trip. Epic really. 5 hours on a plane to Hawaii. Fingers crossed that you will shine bright like a diamond and sit on Daddy's lap while I sleep and Emmy quietly makes play doh claymations. #dreamon

Daddy sent me this article to make sure I don't project onto you and your sister. He's right. It's wise. I really couldn't be more grateful for the two healthy, smart, loveable, sweet, funny kit kats I have. While it's inevitable that you and your big sis will be different people with different strengths, it's crazy to already see some of the differences emerging. But just as sure as the sun rises in the East, you will change just when I think I'm getting to know you, and so will she. I am so not looking forward to 13. Wait, is that more projecting? What I really mean is, 13 is going to be so awesome and so is every single tween and teen year therafter because you will always be my babies and I will always be

your loving Mama.