Call My Play: Odessa Style

Who knew Larry Beil was born and raised in Oahu? He's a longtime sportscaster and 4PM news anchor at KGO who recently saw me raving on Facebook that Odessa is a walking machine.

Larry has this new venture,, and this is a sample of the kind of videos he and his team can put together. It's a color commentary of Odessa's first steps. He asked me for a few details and put together this sweet narrative. I really appreciated how he edited the clip and wove in a few of my original comments or "nats" as we call them in the biz. 

LB says if you're interested, contact him here on his Facebook page and tell them you're an FOV. You'll get the 50% off Friend of Vicky discount, which puts a 1-2 minute video narrated by a pro sports announcer at about $50. 

I think the idea is brilliant. It's a sweet gift for parents or grandparents, especially if you actually have kids who are really good at sports. If my kids are talented enough to score some goals or dunk on other little girls or do anything athletic at all, it would be really cool to put together a highlight reel and have a professional voiceover. 

Larry, if you need anyone to voiceover videos of people using disabled placards that don't belong to them, call me.