Hawaii 5-0

As in, it's criminally painful when your Hawaiian vacation ends. 

Some highlights from our week in paradise. 

Emmy, a superstar on the plane with traveling companion Peanut.

Odessa, keeping everyone on terror level red with her chubby legs bee-lining for the pool every other moment.

All smiles BEFORE the 35 minute hike down to Pololu Valley.

Bestie cousins Emmy and J on a makeshift driftwood swing.

Sisters on the black sand beach after a hike into Pololu Valley.

The hike back out of the valley with Dessy strapped onto my back. Look at that chubby little hand.

More beach pics to come. The whole spring forward time thing happened the day we left and then just as we adjusted to the Hawaii time difference we ended up back in Cali. I'm all boonswoggled.