Or as Jeremy calls them, "So-may-cards." He's not French.

Think of these as not your grandmother's Hallmark cards. You sort through a bajillion old timey Trader Joe's-esque art for the image that captures what you're feeling. If you're witty, the captions you come up with elevate this form of communication to extremely hilarious. 

The retro photos, the simple font, for some reason everything typed into a someecard is genius.

Apparently Jeremy has heard quite a bit of my kvetching about The Good Doctor and his almond obsessed, carb cutting, body con ways, and he came up with some really heartfelt notes for me to send to my husband.

That's what good friends do.

The one below is a dig at me because I thought it was so crazy Jeremy was headed off to a Red Wing Shoes to buy a pair of boots for himself. I was all, "You shop for yourself?!" And he was like, "Um yeah. Not everyone marries the person they've been dating since forever. Some men actually have to dress themselves." And I was like, "Oh yeah. I guess you are normal." 

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