Breastfeeding: The End

Just like that, poof, it's over. The last bottle of breastmilk has been thawed, emptied, and guzzled. Odessa drank her first 6 ounces of whole Vitamin D milk without batting a single eyelash. What does that say about my likeness to a dairy cow I don't know but I do know the benefits of breastmilk go way beyond a boosted immune system, bonding, protection from allergies, SIDS, and being dumb.

It gets you back to your fighting weight. Ain't nobody got time for exercise. They say it burns 500 calories a day. Not sure if that's true but I was eating a MogoBBQ tofu burrito once a week, back when they were $7. The current $9 is too steep to keep up my former pace. In any event, Mogo and whatever else I felt like gobbling down, including a famed trip to Hometown Buffet with Felipe that seems to always come up at the most inopportune times, were no thang. The production of breastmilk got me back into my non elastic waistband pants. 

Just looking at the milk itself told the story. Sometimes there would be like a centimeter of just fat on the top layer of the bottle. That was my fat getting sucked out through my boobs. Nature is so awesome sometimes.

Thank you Breastfeeding, for doing that. I don't miss pumping at work, in cars on the way to shoots, and in airport bathrooms, but I will miss the benefits. Namely, the big boobs and small body. It's like an optical illusion, really. Now everything's back in proportion, big head small body. As they say about all good things, they come to an end.