Cruising: Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas

A couple months ago Asian Grandma and Grandpa went on their first ever cruise. I knew that we could only go up from the whole bed and breakfast incident.

If you know anything about Asian grandparents, or Asian parents for that matter, things that are the BIGGEST, the BEST, the NEWEST, or any other positive hyperbolic ending in EST is usually a good starting point when choosing anything.

We decided Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Sea fit the bill for a first cruise experience. Apparently we were right. They came back with effusive compliments starting with "The white rice is good on Royal Caribbean."

Asian Grandpa has spoken. Apparently the dinner staff on a cruise ship also gets to know you pretty well right away and the servers brought Tabasco and soy sauce to my dad's table every night WITHOUT BEING ASKED! Ten points for Oasis!

Other highlights of the trip included: 

The Amish couple that was cruising for their honeymoon. They wore special light blue Amish attire and then on the formal night, my dad said they had a more formal outfit that somehow looked exactly the same. Only "it was more formal." #greatdescriptiondad 

The 300 people aboard celebrating multiple quinceaneras.

The white guy married to a Vietnamese woman who spoke perfect Vietnamese with my mom. She was impressed. They love when they meet white people who speak Vietnamese. Or sing it. #dalena

Both parents raved about the cruise director. Apparently cruise directors are like the hosts of the entire week. They are equal parts cheerleader, emcee, comedian, announcer, babysitter, entertainer, Zumba instructor, audience warmer upper, game show host, problem solver, prize giver, and overall MVP of the cruise.

Theirs was a lady named Amy Fickert. She was definitely a highlight of their experience. They each commented multiple times on how great she was, how energetic and friendly and fun. I don't know what it takes to be a cruise director but she is the definition of how to do it right. At least according to my parents.

Asian Grandpa even won a contest while aboard. There was a "how can we make the cruise better" contest where cruisers could submit their suggestions. Well hoo-eee! Asian Grandpa has never met a solicitation for feedback he didn't grant. He apparently submitted not one or two but a whole piece of paper full of thoughts. Before announcing the winner, the cruise director said, " a lot of writing. We will talk about this later." But out of 15 people, Asian Grandpa was judged the winner. #waytogoDad

I mean: does this NOT look like a happy camper?

Areas of improvement on the cruise: more seafood. Apparently there was "not even a piece of squid" on the Windjammer, which I think is a restaurant on board. And according to Asian Grandpa, after the first night, "The shrimp got smaller and smaller" in the dishes. He showed me the size based on his pinky finger. It's like the gold standard of measurements.

Remember, this is a man who takes his food seriously.

My parents met up with a few other Vietnamese couples on board, many of them seasoned cruisers who were mainly parked at the casino every night. Initially there was some trash talking involved. By trash talking I mean the other Vietnamese people didn't realize my parents were Vietnamese (so much for Asians recognizing other Asians of the same ese) and they were talking in Vietnamese about going somewhere or finding something. Then my parents finally chimed in, in Vietnamese. The other Vietnameseys said they thought my dad was Laotian. #awkward But it was fine actually and they got the scoop on other cruises people had been on. Apparently the Oasis is definitely the BEST. #whatarelief

Now they're on a mission to convince The Good Doctor's parents they need to go on a cruise too.