Memo to Dessy: 14 Months

Dear Odessa,

We mostly call you Odessa now. It seems to fit you better than Dessy. It definitely fits you better than Odie, which I have tried to make verboten but Dada tries to toss it out every now and then to bug me.

You just said "yes" for the first time today. It's more like "Yechh." You mastered "no" at 13 months. You like to answer, "No, no, no?" while shaking your head whenever we ask if you want to go poo. Even if you do. 

Your vocabulary now includes "Coco," "feesh" for anything that swims, "Wowah!" for flower, nuoc (Vietnamese for water), "bookk,"  "Yukk" when you see dog poop, ya ya (Vietnamese-ish for shoes), bye bye (for goodbye as well as Vietnamese for airplane because it sounds like may bay), "bubb ohl" for bubble, "bay bee" for baby. And Ma-mee for Emmy. 

You're so fierce already. Talk about diva. You do not enjoy sharing Grandma or anything else with Emmy really. You will swipe her out of your way, or at least attempt to. She's quite patient with you and your yowling and dramatic whining. We try to remind you, often, that the world doesn't revolve around you. You're really not convinced. 

You're quite the ham. You smile and walk around fearlessly at parties and among strangers. People can hold you and as long as you don't see one of us, you're clam happy.

You know how to give the dogs a treat, and which one to give it to. You love to lean your head into the dogs when they're curled up. You don't pet so much as reach out and stiff poke them. They think it's not cool OK.

You're a menace in the kitchen, opening all the drawers and pulling things out, constantly coming thisclose to closing them on your fingers. If we forget to close the door, you're into the pantry like a flash, creating little creepy Grudge baby hands behind the frosted glass.

You want to eat your blanket. Literally gobble it up. It's so yummy and perfect and you even bruised your head diving into it with such abandon you didn't notice the couch arm behind it.

You're very sweet and affectionate, leaning into us for hugs and kisses. You're a giver--you like to bring things over to us and give high fives. You love to go for stroller rides and see the world. You love to walk too. Dart, actually. You can change direction on a whim and you only like to hold hands if you need assistance stepping up or down. Otherwise you're an independent little biddy. 

We're amazed at how much we love you. First it was Emmy, and this perfect little person who filled our hearts. Now comes along you, and suddenly we love you just as much and you're so totally different, so you, such a little stinkbug. 

Love you my little Odessa Bearcat,



Your fave phrase for a couple weeks was "Uh oh" in reference to anything that fell down because you dropped it