Memo to Emmy: 48 Months

Happy Birthday Darling Girl!

You're obsessed with coloring. As you put it, "I love to color with someone all the time!!!" You love it. You live for it. You're like the punk girls who sing "I don't care! I love it!" And by it, you mean coloring.

And drawing too. "What should I draw next?"

This is Daddy diving into the pool in Hawaii while you swim and I'm holding Odessa in the water.

This is you and Odessa and Daddy at the park. Apparently he wore his cowboy hat that day. And you're right, he does totally look like a stick figure lately.

You look like the little girl that shows up at :10 and :23 in this Old Navy commercial. The bangs and that bright smile. Kudos to White Grandma for spotting this and sending us a link!

Although now you're growing up and growing out your bangs. You are just getting taller and cuter every day. But cuter like a little girl, not a toddler. 

You continue to be the most sensitive now 4 year old I've ever met. Granted, I don't have a long list of those people but I'd put your sensitivity level up against grown humans. Usually it's really sweet and empathetic and wise but sometimes it's a prelude to the craziest waterfall of tears over the smidgiest of things. Your dad is confident he can work on your crybaby tendencies.

Speaking of confidence, you were front and center at your preschool spring recital.  Your teachers said they put you there because you have a lot of confidence. I was relieved you didn't fiddle with your nose at all, unlike the previous two recitals where you did most of the moves with one hand glued to your nose the whole time.

Your writing is pretty awesome. At least it seems like it's pretty straight and you can write words if we say the letters out loud. Like, "Hoppy Easter."

Many of our friends have asked if you've ever had a tantrum. We always say no. It's strange. You've certainly had your share of teary moments, but you've never thrown yourself around and flailed on the ground or melted down in an uncontrollable rage. You're like a unicorn toddler. Mythical and unbelievable. And equally amazing. You're really special. Definitely special in the way every parent should feel their kid is special, but also special in the way that you're so thoughtful and sweet and emotionally aware of other people's feelings. But still brutally honest, like the time you told me how much more you like Daddy's childhood stories. Which is another favorite pastime of yours. "Tell me a story about when you were a little boy." I think he's running out of G-rated stories to tell you. And I'm not much of a source. My memory is poors. Clearly, that's why I write all this stuff down.

One of your teachers melted my heart with her story about how you responded after she explained she was gone for a week to visit her daughters because they live far away. "It's OK, when you have someone you love that's far away, you can just use your imagination and be with them."

I heart you so much, Emmy. You sweep me away. Happy Birthday my lovie.