Investigating Really Cuts into Me Time

So here's the deal, people. Haven't been posting as frequently as I used to and I think I've figured out why. Because I'm an investigative reporter now. I can ALWAYS be doing something. Researching, calling tipsters, arguing with a producer who hates babies and dogs, thinking deep thoughts, talking to my boss, looking for new ideas, fighting with public information officers, surveilling, multi-tasking, returning emails, strategizing, popping out of parking lots and panting my way through an unscheduled interview. The list of boxes to check off my list is endless.

As The Good Doctor likes to say, "Your job sucks now." He's only joking but also dead serious. #firstworldprivilegedpersonproblem #i'mtotallynotcomplaining

I no longer have mental downtime built into my day. When I was a general assignment reporter, or gen ass as I like to say, I always had to give my photog a script at least an hour before air, so he/she would have enough time to cut it. That hour was Me time. Time to chillax (that was before Twitter and FB and writing my own web articles etc.) It was prime bloggity time. But now, see above.

Also, I've lost my edge. I used to be able to kvetch about random stuff gen assers encounter because each day is a new day and you don't have to cultivate longstanding relationships with the man on the street you interviewed. In short, I could totally make fun of people. 

It's harder to do that when you're on a billboard with a serious face and your stories hold the powerful accountable and you're supposed to show you deserve to be on the nation's largest local investigative unit. It's spelled P-R-E-S-S-U-R-E. I would characterize it as a readjustment period. 

I am finding my place. I think I can still provide some interesting posts with the correctly curated topics and issues without blowing up my cloaks and daggers investigations. It's actually pretty cathartic. Plus I have more free time now that I'm not feeding another person from my bosoms.