FU Carrots

That's just the first thing that came to my profanity lined mind when I took this picture.

We harvested a boatload of carrots from our backyard garden. By we I mean The Good Doctor because these hands, the ones typing this post, don't really do dirt. They enjoy a little tilling of the soil now and again, a bit of watering with the cute curly hose that has the mist mode, but for the most part, the green thumbs are both attached to The Good Doctor. 

Apparently these Frankencarrots were the direct result of some human manipulation. The Good Doctor says they were likely the carrots he pulled too early that he stuck back into the ground. Instead of continuing to grow straight down, these disturbed root vegetables lost their straight shooter selves and just went bananas wrapping themselves around other carrots. 

That's the theory anyway. Maybe we just spawned some Quasimodo carrots because of our own flawed personalities. 

Am I reading too much into this?

Meanwhile, not knowing The Good Doctor planned this massive carrot harvest, I bought a 10 pound bag of commercial carrots #ofcourseidid to make carrot ginger soup using this recipe. 

So delicious and super simple. Requires one pot and a blender. Which I had to borrow from my next door neighbor. Apparently blenders and food processors are different.

And this recipe doesn't call for any cream, so it seems relatively healthy for skinny bitches like my husband.


I'm sorry babe. It's just the jealousy talking. Swimsuit season is almost upon us. At least I beat you in the tan skin department.