SF Emmy Awards 2013

So. I didn't take home any golden ladies this year. This was not my first time leaving empty handed, and odds are, it may not be my last. But, and this is such a big but that I can not lie, you other brothers can't deny, that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist...

Wait, where was I? Oh yes, BUT, despite losing to "Bra Phone and Fake Alzheimers" in the Specialty Assignment category (which makes this the third time I've been nominated in that category and zero wins) and "Breezy's Choice" (Serious Feature category), I am really very Zen about this. No one is more shocked by my mild-mannered acceptance of this than me. Or I, if you want to be grammatically correct. Because normally, when I don't win, I'm like this.

I attribute my lack of hulking out to several factors. First, I think this was the first year I was part of a huge contingent from my station. 27 nominations in total. All the NBC Bay Area folks chillaxed and dolled up and in such high spirits--Garvin already knew he was a single nominee and recipient which means he knew he was going to take home a statue weeks ago. I've never experienced that sure thing feeling at an awards ceremony. I'm guessing it's incred.

And we had great representation across the station--from the Investigative Unit to the morning news team, to our graphic designers to our friends at Telemundo. 

Then there were the two pregnant wives who just bring all kinds of positive juju--not to mention double juju for the first time mom-to-be of twins.

Then there was the hawt factor of being in a little sequined number with a handsome tuxedoed piece of man candy on my arm. We so YouTubed our outfits with searches for "How to Make a Sock Bun" and "How to Tie a Bowtie." The Good Doctor's outfit was literally held together with Scotch tape. Mens Wearhouse sent his tuxedo shirt to Nevada by mistake. The one he special ordered because there are no tuxedo shirts on the shelves for people with his measurements. He had to MacGyver his existing white shirt into a tux shirt by using an X-acto knife to make slits for the studs. (Insert joke here.) He made a couple cuts that were a little too long, which he then sewed together. Those hours spent suturing in the OR paid off. But for good measure, we put 7 pieces of tape inside his shirt to hold the studs in place.

That is so metaphoric for most things we do in life. Looking so put together but underneath--it's all thin thread and clear tape.

But I think what made it really easy to not be a Bitter Betty was the sheer joy emanating from my friends, colleagues, and teammates who worked so hard on the stories that won, and we also had quite a few first time Emmy recipients who were so, so deserving.

Like producer Liza--double fisting the Emmys! Frankly, I just want her arms. #buffmuch

And photog Mark V who has been nominated before but never won--he killed it with THREE in one night.

Super team Liz, Tony and Felipe--love 'em. Took home two each. 

Seeing friends who've moved on to other stations was also a fun part of the night. Emmy's doppelganger Michelle (by some freaky coincidence, they looked identical with bangs, and now they're both growing their bangs out.) This, by the way, is hands down the best pic The Good Doctor has ever taken of me. I'm sure it was purely accidental, as I have attempted to coach his picture taking for 18 years with few tangible results.

Maybe I'm getting older too, and I can appreciate the night as a celebration of the work done by all the journalists in this market whom I respect and admire. If Mike Sugerman can take it in the chin, then I can too. (He's won best reporter and best writer in the past--HUGE categories.)

Last year was a short year for me returning from Odessa-leave, and a transitional one--adjusting from special projects reporter to investigative reporter. So I'm not going to Tiger Mom myself about not winning. Plus the people who did win in my categories seemed really ecstatic and not all Wayne Freedman, this is my 49th, 50th, and 51st Emmy award. No offense Wayne. I mean, you retired because your house is probably starting to look pretty Trumptackular with all that gold everywhere. 

Raj said it well in his short speech--"It's a great time to be at NBC Bay Area" and I think everyone felt that way Saturday night. Even though it would have been awesome to take home a statue, hopefully I'll have another crack next year. Meanwhile, I'm happily celebrating the wins of my friends. #Nguyeningvicariously