Memo to Dessy: 16.5 Months

Who's a little chatter bear?

You are.

Your Vietnamese is really coming along. You can count to 10, although you prefer to say every other number when we prompt you, i.e., Asian Grandma says "Mot" and you say "Hai" and she says "Ba" and you say "Bon."

You repeat everything we say and you are such a copy cat too. Yuo have this little shudder that you do where you wiggle your body and shrug your shoulders and smile. It is SO cute.

Daddy noticed your hair is lighter than Emmy's but your skin is darker. It's so interesting to see the differences between the two of you. You are still a little firecracker working out the meaning of "gentle." Mama's poor succulents in the backyard have suffered many dismemberments because of your plucky little fingers. 

You've figured out how to climb over the ottoman pillow contraption we have rigged at the top of the stairs as a gate so now it's a total danger zone on the second floor. And a couple of times we've heard a little yell from you and come out just in time to see you standing on the precipice. You do that a lot. Yell. To let Asian Grandma when you're in danger. Look at me! I'm standing on a chair! Look at me? I'm about to fall off this stool! Look at me! I'm standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon!

You also love to say "Look, look" whenever you set up a scene with your blankie bee bow or drape it over a chair.

For the first time you actually signalled to let us know you wanted to go to the pooper. Progress!

I just want to gobble you up all the time. Something about having a baby the second time around makes it easier to relax and appreciate the little moments and not worry if everything is going right and perfect. 

Plus it helps that you're just a funny little sprite who has all these opinions and personality. You don't care, you love it. 

You give us all a run for our money. We adore you and your mischievous ways.